Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?????

Imagine during the month of February we have had consecutive days in the 50's.  We have swollen buds on some of our shrubs and little peeks of early bulbs poking out of the unfrozen earth.  Do we dare think that we might have an early Spring? 

We will be starting our greenhouse  the last week in February.  When my sister and I hear that first truck of plants arrive, we are waiting at the door unable to contain our excitement to glimpse at our first plants.  So many new varieties this year.  I am already dreaming of the combinations we can put together.  The smell of the fresh soil, the warmth of the greenhouse, and the handling of the tiny little plants bring us great joy as we plan and plant for you the latest and greatest plants for 2012.

May the countdown begin!!!


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  1. Pettengill Farm's first blog ever ~ since 1792! I love it. Congratulations Christy & Jan. We can't wait to hear and see more & more & more . . .